Small town in the south of Tunisia, Matmata is best known for its troglodytes, underground constructions which shelter the local Berber population

Some houses are quite elaborate with a succession of interior courtyards which are accessed by underground corridors from the accommodation or the main courtyard.

The landscape is reminiscent of a battlefield with its holes and trenches

Come and discover this miracle!

Best activities to do in MATMATA

In Matmata you can find several addresses to spend an unforgettable stay with a beautiful landscape and great services. There are a number of excellent and friendly hotels to choose from.

Welcome to MATMATA

+216 73 217 075
+216 94 217 075
Imm. Hafiene, Av. Ct Bejaoui, Bouhsina, Sousse-4000, Tunisie

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